How does your website stack up against the competition?

With the Legmark Digital Dashboard we bring all your website data together in one place so you can see how you measure up against your competitors. Find out where you're leading, and where you can make gains to get ahead of the competition

Why is the Legmark Digital Dashboard used by the UK’s leading law firms?

It’s the largest database of its kind – updating over 150 sets of data on more than 5,000 law firm websites every week.

  • Metrics all in one place

    From SEO to best practices. Your dashboard will tell you everything you need to know.


    5,700+ law firm websites are ranked using our proprietary ranking system.

  • Competitor analysis

    Analyse your competitors and see how you compare – and what you can do to beat them.

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Track the performance of your marketing teams or digital agencies. The dashboard is a great quick visual check for marketing meetings. Present website performance to the partners and direct activity in their team or via their agency

You can also compare how your competitors are performing and make sure that you're staying ahead. Gain valuable insights on what needs to be changed on your site to improve the overall performance.

For a limited time we’re offering a free, no obligation, 14-day trial.

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Expert Add-on
Digital Dashboard

24/7 access to website performance data - updated every week with fresh data

Our unique reporting dashboard containing data on 5,700+ law firm websites and updated weekly with the latest Google performance data. You can use this to assess and track your website performance over time – and monitor your competitor data and performance.

Legrank: Performance Reporting

Monthly overall website performance benchmark for your site versus all 5,700+ law firms on the database. Includes unrestricted access to the complete Legrank dataset of all law firms (on any paid tier).

The ‘Legrank’ rating based on a combination of data from a number of SEO software tools with our proprietary formula to calculate your overall score. This shows your performance level for your website in the legal sector out of 5,700+ law firm websites.

Website Improvement Suggestions

Access a list of recommended website improvements from the dashboard.

The dashboard highlights areas of your site that are not optimised from a technical and development perspective and provides details on the importance and how they can be resolved - you have a one-click option to share with your developer or ask us to fix.

Monthly Optimisation Action Plan

Monthly crawl of your website and a report with actionable insights.*

You will get one website crawl each month. Our software will analyse your website data in much more detail and present back a report with important issues that need addressing on your site that could be holding back the overall performance. This includes: 404 errors, internal linking issues, poor-performing pages, and meta data that needs optimising. All is highlighted for ease of review and implementation in-house to save money on agency costs.

Available as Add-on
Competitor Analysis

Access data on competitors and analyse your performance against them.

Get to see how your competitors’ websites are performing against your own with access to our insights from the largest database of its kind in the world.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking with monthly performance report.

Monitor your website rankings for your most important or valuable search terms. Use this to assess performance of your SEO team/agency and for reporting to the board.

£10 per each extra 10 keywords
Customer Service

Support and advice on using the dashboard and technical help.

Email Priority Email 1 Monthly 45 Minute Phone Call Update + Priority Email
Page Briefs

Need help and guidance on how to write content that will rank in Google?

Now you can get access to our secrets with individual page briefs. You simply tell us what keyword you want to rank for and we’ll send you a template document that your copywriter (or in-house team) can use and simply fill in the gaps to create a top-quality page of content in the way Google wants it produced. We’ll find all the related keywords to include, we’ll create the structure of the page, and advise you on internal and external linking. This is following our tried and trusted method of creating high-ranking pages in the legal sector for some of the most competitive search terms on the web.

Available as Add-On 10% Discount on Add-On Price 10% Discount on Add-On Price
1-2-1 Phone Support

1-2-1 phone support with SEO/dev consultants (Power hour).

Need ad-hoc support or advice in any aspect of digital marketing, website development, or SEO? You can purchase ‘power-hour’ sessions with our top consultants as and when you need them. You’ll get an hour on the phone plus prep time and a follow up check in as well.

Available as Add-On 10% Discount on Add-On Price 10% Discount on Add-On Price
Content Review

Monthly content review with recommendations.*

We take an in-depth look at your website content to identify pages that might be holding back the overall site performance, or areas that you need to focus on and improve.

Available as Add-On 10% Discount on Add-On Price 10% Discount on Add-On Price
Cost Per License / Per Month
£15 per month (when paying annually) £20 per month £45 per month (when paying annually) £60 per month £112.50 per month (when paying annually) £150 per month + VAT

*Note: Integrating Google Search Console and Google Analytics into the content review process can provide valuable insights for optimizing content quality and user experience. By leveraging Search Console data, such as search queries and click-through rates and keywords, helping them produce more relevant and engaging content.

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Don’t just take our word for it:

  • The Legrank dashboard is an extremely impressive bit of kit. We all know how much law firms love to know what's going on with the competition - and see how they measure up. The dashboard provides vital insights for law firm marketing decision makers who can make sure their digital marketing strategies are on point. It also provides a critical overview for managing partners and those at board level of how the firm is progressing online, and crucially, where investment might be needed.

    Fran Eccles-Bech, Manchester Law Society

  • We've found the dashboard tools to be really useful to fine tune our own website performance and learn from some of our competitors.

    Hudgell Solicitors

  • The team at Legmark have clearly put in a huge amount of effort and expertise into the development of their new benchmarking service for law firms. This level of detail is second to none and will help law firms to understand in a non-technical way what they need to do to help improve their website. This means that even those with limited technical knowledge can quickly see how their website measures up against industry standards and more importantly their competitors.

    Rich Dibbins, Staxton Digital